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Humble Roots plants one tree in developing countries for every item you decide to make your own. We have set an ambitious goal to plant one million trees. Thanks to people like you who have already placed orders, we are well on our way with over 2500 trees planted! 

Humble Roots LLC doesn’t just facilitate tree planting for their ecological benefit, but also to benefit people in need. By combining agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems. Trees and shrubs are planted near crops and/or livestock, to the benefit of all.

Planting trees not only benefits the overall health of the single planet we all call home but also improves soil quality in the areas where they are planted which results in higher crop yields, and improved standards of living.

Agroforestry is sometimes referred to as “trees on farms.” It’s actually much more than that. Agroforestry techniques are tailored to the needs of the community. In communal forests, tree-planting programs focus on large-scale reforestation and the development of non-timber forest products. In agricultural fields, fast-growing multipurpose tree species are integrated into the agricultural system to serve as windbreaks, firebreaks, woodlots, or living fences; as part of contour planting for erosion control; and as “alleys” that improve fertility in the adjacent soil. Similar techniques have been practiced around the world for thousands of years, and are especially effective in the developing world.


We have tree-planting efforts in many countries.  We have helped plant trees in an incredible range of environments from coastal areas to mountains, restoring soil that had been unproductive for decades or even hundreds of years.











On the islands of the Pacific, the combination of high tides and heavy rains brings great danger to the people of the coastal plains. We are working with local groups in Indonesia and the Philippines to restore tree cover to upland areas, so the land can absorb more water during storms and reduce the likelihood of flooding and mudslides. Other projects in India aim to restore trees to both drought-stricken and flood-ridden sections.




Latin America

We are planting trees in Haiti, BrazilHonduras, and Nicaragua to deliver three critical services – tree planting, agroforestry training, and technical assistance – to local farmers in three regions of the country: the Arcadine Coast, Chaine des Chaos, and Gonaives. 




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